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ASR Duurzaam Wereldwijd Aandelen Fonds B

Administrator: ASR Vermogensbeheer N.V.

ISIN: NL0015000O24

Date: 31/03/2024 ?
Lower risk Higher risk
Potentially lower return Potentially higher return


Supervision & licence

ASR Vermogensbeheer N.V. holds a license as manager of alternative investment institutions as referred to in Article 2:65, first paragraph, sub a of the Financial Supervision Act ("Wft"). This concerns the license under the AIFMD (Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive). Under this license, ASR Vermogensbeheer acts as a manager of various alternative investment funds. In addition, ASR Vermogensbeheer manages a number of funds, which are not subject to a licensing requirement. On the basis of Section 1:13a(1)(g) of the Wft, the management of these investment structures is exempt from the obligations in the Wft and derived regulations and is therefore not subject to supervision by the AFM. It concerns funds in which investments are exclusively made by group companies. This is because the premium pension institution invests in the fund and not the pension participant himself.

Annual reports

AIF Manager



Price trend and fund data

Price: € 18.80


Previous price: € 18.75


Difference: +0.05


The Fund's sustainable investment objective is supported by an investment strategy that emphasizes high quality companies. By embedding sustainability and stewardship in the management strategy, these companies deliver greater long-term economic and social value and lower risk for shareholders and the world in which we live. In other words, sustainability and return are an extension of each other within our investment strategy. Before making the selections, the fund generally applies exclusions to the universe of listed equities for companies that do not meet the minimum requirements in ASR's SRI policy. These include companies involved in the production of tobacco products or controversial weapons. Within the group of non-excluded companies, the fund's investment strategy is twofold: (i) approximately 75% of the fund (with a range of 70-80%) is invested according to an active systematic strategy and (ii) the remaining approximately 25% of the fund (with a range of 20-30%) is invested according to an active fundamental strategy. The Manager's sustainability policy (SRI Policy, see Manager's website) forms the basis for the sustainability policy of this Fund. By applying the sustainability policy and investment strategy, the Fund Manager anchors sustainability in its investment process. The Fund is classified as Section 8 under SFDR, which means that it promotes environmental and/or social characteristics. You can read more about this in Appendix IV of the Information Memorandum.

Returns per calendar year

2023 +19.86%
2022 -8.49%
Source: ASR

Fund performance

1 month -2.94%
YTD +7.10%
1 year +21.23%
3 years avg. -
5 years avg. -
Since inception
Reference date 30/04/2024
Source: ASR

Fund data

Total Net Assets 1,923,334,627.97 (30/04/2024)
Total Net Assets of Share Class 596,850,993.49 (30/04/2024)
Number of shares 32,932,665.85 (30/04/2024)
Type of fund Equity funds
Currency EUR
Tradable Daily
Entry fee 0.15%
Exit fee 0.15%
Ongoing Charges Figure 0.15%

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