Wijzigingen in de directie ASR Vermogensbeheer N.V.

Per 1 februari 2023 is de heer P. Klijnsmit benoemd als bestuurder van de ASR Vermogensbeheer N.V. en aangewezen als beoogd opvolger van de heer J.Th.M. Julicher als CEO van ASR Vermogensbeheer N.V. De heer Klijnsmit is getoetst op betrouwbaarheid en geschiktheid door de Autoriteit Financiële Markten ten behoeve van deze functie. Per 1 april 2023 is de heer J.Th.M. Julicher wegens het bereiken van de pensioengerechtigde leeftijd teruggetreden als bestuurder van de Beheerder, onder verlening van décharge voor het door hem gevoerde beleid. Per deze datum is de heer P. Klijnsmit benoemd als CEO van ASR Vermogensbeheer N.V.

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ASR Mortgage Fund NHG

Administrator: ASR Vermogensbeheer N.V.

ISIN: NL0012375190



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Price trend and fund data

Price: € 8,713.68


Previous price: € 8,713.68


Difference: 0.00

a.s.r. has been providing mortgages on the Dutch market for over 60 years. From the beginning of 2017, it will be possible for investors to participate in a cross-section of the a.s.r. mortgage production. The aim of the ASR Mortgage Fund is to generate a stable and direct income stream for the participants in the long term.

The ASR Mortgage Fund invests in a representative cross-section of mortgage receivables recently concluded by ASR Levensverzekering N.V. (label WelThuis) at a nominal value of 100% (passed by the notary no longer than 60 days ago). Collateral for the loans is private Dutch residences. All acquired receivables are subject to the strict selection criteria of the ASR Mortgage Fund. The main selection criteria are:

  • 1st right of mortgage;
  • a fixed-rate period of more than 5 years;
  • loan to value (LTV) of a maximum of 100%, with ESG financing a maximum of 106%;
  • no savings mortgages;
  • maximums for interest-only percentages.

The fund is actively managed. A benchmark is not used.


The fund promotes sustainability features by optimizing the portfolio around energy efficiency of homes and seeking to promote access to the housing market for first-time buyers. More information on this is available in Annex VI of the information memorandum.

Returns per calendar year

2022 -19.44%
2021 +1.73%
2020 +3.51%
2019 +8.30%
2018 +2.23%
Source: ASR

Fund performance

1 month -0.74%
YTD +0.14%
1 year -7.32%
3 years avg. -5.53%
5 years avg. -1.03%
Since inception
Reference date 30/04/2023
Source: ASR

Fund data

Total Net Assets 1,872,979,500.32 (30/04/2023)
Number of shares 214,749.74 (30/04/2023)
Type of fund Fixed income funds
Currency EUR
Tradable Monthly

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